Sunday, September 18, 2011

Free Fun

Plan ahead...

1) Pandora and State Farm, odd bedfellows, are putting on a free Roots concert on the Intrepid, 9.29. It says food trucks and photo booths will also be there, but it's unclear if they will be free. Doors at 6p, show at 7. RSVP now to for tickets. 

2) Enter at Free Night NYC to win tickets to concerts, dance performances, and off-Broadway shows. Between 9.16-9.23, enter to win tickets for performances 10.1-10.16, and between 9.30-10.7 enter for tickets 10.17-10.31. [via The Printup]

The Printup also has a write-up of the Brooklyn Magazine party at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens I recommended. I can personally say, it was a beautiful night and venue, and can you beat free oysters and Blue Marble ice cream? No. No, you cannot.

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