Thursday, September 1, 2011

Amy Sedaris will shill, but makes companies regret mailing her freebies

I love Amy Sedaris. She's so quick and self-aware, but still comes off as genuinely excited about the topic of conversation/person to whom she's talking. Sedaris was just on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and even if you've already seen her Crafts for Poor People videos, watch the interview clip. I know it doesn't take much to laugh Jimmy Fallon out of his desk, but still.

[via Videogum]

[via Videogum]

It just seems like advertising is her jam at the moment, and she's excited. I was lucky enough to see Amy is person at the recent WTF live taping at the Bell House [comedy nerds/neurotics: get on that free podcast], and while she was rushed (Maron saved the best for last), she killed. And turned the interview around on Marc. I could only find one video on Youtube of the show; I didn't have my camera with me. Some context: at the beginning, they're talking about Marc Maron's failed TV show deal a while back, and when she picks up the bath salts out of nowhere and everybody laughs, it's because a fan had gotten a lot of shit at the beginning of the show for gifting them (it...sounds more mean-spirited than it was):

Also, at the time (for all I know, still), Sedaris was really into rabbit husbandry. Like, going into people's homes and teaching them how to care for their rabbits (who are these people and if I get a rabbit can I be one of them). I wish there were a clip of that--her talking about how she loves seeing crazy homes. To paraphrase: "If I can get into more homes with feces on the walls, that would be great."


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