Monday, October 31, 2011

BriTANick Interview

Apparently, I'm turning into something of a BriTANick fangirl, but really they've just been popping up everywhere (and oh yeah, I love them). Splitsider's interview with Brian McElhaney and Nick Kocher touches on their experience filming the upcoming Joss Whedon Much Ado About Nothing film. 95% of the internet (and the audience of this blog, consisting mostly of my friends) freaked out because "Joss Whedon". I guess I'm in the minority for finding the movie news exciting because of BriTANick (and Garfunkel & Oates' Riki Lindhome). Please don't eat me, Internet.

Hey, you never know! So now they’re basically cutting it and then they’re gonna bring it to festivals next year?
Brian: I think so, that’s what he said...
Nick: Yeah that’s the plan right now, is for festivals.
Brian: Yeah and I remember Joss saying something like, “Yeah, we’ll try for festivals, I don’t know if festivals will want this kind of thing.” Which is sort of like, ”Yes they will, are you kidding me?” They accepted Eagles Are Turning People Into Horses, they’re definitely gonna take Joss Whedon’s Shakespeare film.

Ugh, EATPIH is so funny. And they're working on a full length movie: "a science fiction farce" called Infinity Prison

I went to the second monthly Mankerthon at UCB this past Friday, at which they premiered the new short feat. Joss Whedon, and did new stand up sets and some improv. Get in on November's show

The Chris Gethard Show

Splitsider has an article about The Chris Gethard Show and its wonderfully weird community. Read the article for as sensible an explanation as you'll find anywhere, but really, you just have to watch.

You might recognize host Chris Gethard by sight, if not by name. The show had been a regular at UCB for quite a while (yeah, it's the one on which P. Diddy randomly appeared), but months ago switched over to Manhattan public access television, where it airs live Wednesday nights from 11p-12a. It also streams live on the website

The Show is unpredictable in its subject matter, characters, guests, and audience participation (which drives it). I almost called in when I was watching one night, but chickened out. It's kind of silly that I got nervous, since the essence of the show is its open-to-anyone community ("No Cool Kids"). And I mean anyone: when a musical guest had to cancel because of Hurricane Irene, they asked any musicians watching to come down to the studio to create a band. Comedy nerds and off-kilter kids, rejoice. 

I think part of what makes the show so entertaining is that there's really nothing to "get". It's just really weird, and really funny. And apparently Random Jean is gone?! This is awful news; I'll need to see how the new Randoms hold up. If you enjoy laughing with a bunch of your funny and kind of crazy friends in a basement, watch. And once you do, let me know which Wednesday you want to show up at the studio to be part of the live audience. Cause this is something I want to do. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Quantum Erotica

Alt Text: "Casey moaned as Riley moved away: it was a moan of frustration. 'I thought tonight was sex times night?' Casey said, but Riley was gone, out of the room. A few seconds later, noise from the TV drifted up from downstairs. With a sigh, Casey reached for the smartphone at the side of the bed. Seconds later, a new Twitter post was completed. 'Lol', it read."

Barcode House

There is something so pleasing about David Jameson's Barcode House in Washington, D.C. 

The "barcode" part is actually a free-standing modern extension to a pre-existing row house.

Soap Fruit Stickers

This is a great idea: a fruit labels that dissolves when it gets wet and turns into organic soap. Less garbage, and easier to wash your fruit well. It also acts as a normal sticker, so you can peel it off if you desire. Check out more at the Scott Amron's (creator) website.

[via Gothamist]


A charming song from NPR's Adam Cole and Robert Krulwich about things named after people. It's catchy, and look at the paper puppets! Some people consider it a worthwhile endeavor to memorize a novelty song filled with trivia and/or in list-format. Or is that just my family?

The Fabric of the Cosmos

The World Science Festival is holding a special screening of NOVA's The Fabric of the Cosmos, followed by a live conversation and Q&A with Brian Greene and theoretical physicists Leonard Susskind and Saul Perlmutter (Nobel Prize, people). If this all sounds a little heavy for you, the World Science Festival is about making science accessible, so I wouldn't be too worried. Just prepare to have your mind blown by SPACE. Free, but registration is required. Wednesday, 11.2, doors at 8:30p, Miller Theatre (2960 Broadway at 116th Street). 

Free Matt & Kim concert, free smartphones?

For all I know this is already full, but you're going to want to check it out. Matt & Kim are playing two free concerts (11.7 and 11.8 at 6p) at the Altman Building (135 W. 18th Street). For out-of-towners, it looks like there are similar events in other cities. It's a bitch that you have to use Facebook Connect to RSVP, but guys, it's a free Matt & Kim concert. Also, word on the street is that they'll be giving away 500 smartphones? I don't see how that's possible, but we can dream. Go to the Windows Phone Facebook page to get in on it.

[via My Free Concert]

Tongue Twisters

Watch over a dozen models say tongue twisters in their native languages. It's enchanting, even though (because?) you don't know what they're saying:

[via Jezebel]

Better Know a District

I'm torn between excitement for the films and mourning for the visuals I imagined while reading, which get harder to hold on to every time I see something like this:

More character posters after the jump.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My, what expensive taste you have!

In case you didn't get in on the Remy Martin event before it filled up, Tullamore Dew is holding a bunch of tasting parties soon. You can register for the event on 11.14, 11.15, or 11.16. All run 7-11p and are located at Center548 (548 W. 22nd St.). Not that I'm complaining about the bevy of recent scotch events, but I'm more of an Irish whiskey girl, so this is exciting.

Black Board Eats has 30% off Red Hook Lobster Pound posted. Before you scoff at only "30% off", keep in mind that once you've registered, the pass code is free. Black Board Eats tends to post more high-scale restaurants than other deal sites, and I don't believe Yip It covers them. So you should sign up (they don't come out with a deal every day, so your inbox won't be bombarded with junk). 

More free scotch

Even though they're hosting "Raise the Macallan" tastings in New York that very week, there's a "Macallan After Dark" party at 82 Mercer St on Wednesday 11.2, 11p-1a. Just in case you can't get enough premium scotch. There will likely be free noshes, too. RSVP here, and soon.

[via My Free Concert]

Supportive Mothers

Oh, I'm sorry--were you looking for a heartwarming post? Because these are pretty creepy:

Okay, I guess old-timey photos of children are eerie, but I don't see what the big d--OH MY GOD IS THAT BABY FLOATING?

"This was a practice where the mother, often disguised or hiding, often under a spread, holds her baby tightly for the photographer to insure a sharply focused image."
- The Hidden Mother

Look again:

It's a bit more adorable when you notice the similarities between these and William Wegman's Weimaraner shots. Oh wait, you find dogs with humans hands frightening as well?

[photo via Time Out Singapore]

Linger a Little Longer

Wish List: I'm mesmerized by Jay Watson's Linger a Little Longer table and bench. It has a thermochromatic finish, which means it responds to heat (be it from your body, a mug, or anything), and a mark remains until the area returns to room temperature.

I'm reminded of those smooth black stone tables we used to have in science labs at school. I enjoyed seeing marks from the humidity of my hands, and watching them fade.

Bucky Magazines

Inspired by Buckminster Fuller, Paperlux created this foldable cover for an issue of the German design magazine Novum. So many triangles.

It might not make stuffing a magazine into your bag any easier, but it sure would be more colorful. 

[via Design Milk]

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cognac, Yelp, and Music

Already anticipating post-Halloween blues (SHUT UP THAT'S A THING)? Do not fret:

1) Too cheap to buy St. Vincent tickets for 11.3? First of all, you're going to regret it. Second of all, fine, quit whining. Another John Varvatos Thursday Night Live event at 315 Bowery. This time the bands are Parlor Mob and Prospector. Also, free Moonshine, and probably Heineken. Doors at 8p, concert at 8:30p. RSVP to

2) Three Yelp House Parties at the Firehouse Space (246 Frost St., Brooklyn). 11.7 Mustachio Bashio!, 11.8 The Alterna-Office Party, 11.9 Ugly Sweater Soiree!, all 7-9p. These are going to be great: so much free food and drink, of a wide variety and from many sources. Well that was fast: the RSVP is currently closed for the 11.8 (of course, the most convenient one for me), and there are wait-lists for 11.7 and 11.9. I'd bet there's a high likelihood of getting off the wait-list as the event approaches, and since it takes two seconds, why not? All you need is a Yelp account, and you can add one guest to your RSVP. NB: If you RSVP for more than one, they take you off the list for all. I'm not sure if this applies to wait-lists too, but I wouldn't risk it.

3) Speaking of spots going quickly: Remy Martin Cognac tastings at 82 Mercer. Right now, the only spots available are Wednesday evening 11.9 (late-ish). Tasting events are the best. You can add up to three guests to your RSVP, so get on that.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Smokey Robotic Halloween Extravaganza

How's that for a lot of random words thrown together?

Apparently there will also be a "Cab Calloway Dance-Off"and a costume contest. Oh, and free Bulldog Gin from 11p-12a. RSVP to 10.29, 11p, at the swanky Theater Bar (114 Franklin St.). Sounds fun.

Free Falafel

Head over to Scoutmob before the day is out to snag a coupon for free falafel at Mamoun's (119 MacDougal St.). Expires 10.31.


These Plus Fours Routefinders from the 1920s look so delicate:

These maps were meant to be turned manually while driving, in order to let drivers navigate around the UK. According to Navigadget, the reason these didn't take off is because so few cars were on the road, but I posit that it's because they were meant to be turned manually while driving

A couple more treats

Keep making those Halloween plans:

1) Cointreau & BlackBook are throwing "Spooky Chic" (bahaha) Halloween parties in a bunch of cities this week. As of now, I can't find any RSVP information, so I guess just show up on time and hope for the best? Here's the NY lineup:
- 10.27, 7-9p at Yerba Buena (1 Perry Street)
- 10.27, 10p-12a at Hudson Hotel (aka that place above Good Units: 356 W. 58th)
- 10.28, 10p-12a at Hudson Terrace (621 W. 46th)

2) The first "Check Yo Ponytail" Tour (?): Spank Rock, Big Freedia & the Divas, the Death Set, and Pictureplane, 10.29 at Brooklyn Bowl (61 Wythe Avenue). This sounds like a great Halloween dance party (I've decided it's themed). It's free if you RSVP, which currently = liking them on Facebook or tweeting, but chances are they will have a normal list on the website as it gets closer, if you're stubborn like I am. Doors at 11:30p, show at midnight.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

AMNH Diorama Restoration

The New York Times ran an interesting article on the American Museum of Natural History's $2.5 million project of restoring the dioramas in the Hall of North American Mammals. Even though the dioramas are a favorite of many, I think most people don't realize how much care and talent went into all of the aspects--the taxidermy, landscape paintings, and foreground creation. Since the Hall opened in 1942, things have started to look a little faded (although to be honest, I noticed the wear on taxidermy specimens more at the Natural History Museum in London). It's to be expected, and (many endangered) animals aren't exactly being hunted and killed for museums now. Better to restore than replace, right?

Before and after restoration of the mountain goat


"The larger animals, like the bears, are often left in place, with the artists perching on cantilevered platforms to avoid damaging the dioramas’ delicate interiors.  But sometimes even large animals have to come out.  A trio of Dall sheep, for example, will have to be removed and put in a giant freezer off and on for several weeks to kill off an insect infestation in their horns.
Natural history dioramas were developed in the late 19th century as museums began to move away from the practice of presenting taxidermy specimens alone in display cases, like objects of art. At the New York museum, the earliest dioramas were called “habitat groups,” four-sided glass cases of mounted birds with a background painting of their habitat. Under the influence of Carl Akeley, a naturalist, sculptor and taxidermist who came to the museum in 1909, the more modern form of diorama evolved.
That form contains three elements — the animals, the background painting and the vegetation, rocks, soil and other foreground objects. Different artists and specialists were responsible for each, traveling to a location — almost all the dioramas recreate specific locales, often in national parks — to draw sketches, collect the animals and gather foreground material."
I loved being scared by the dioramas as a kid (and still do). I find the largest animals literally breath-taking.
[via Gothamist]

Friday, October 21, 2011

Malibu Black Halloween Party

Malibu Black is throwing a "Skater Zombies & Surfer Chicks" Halloween event on 10.27 from 9p-1a. It's at Good Units (356 W. 58th St.), so you know it's going to be a shitshow. Free drinks all night. RSVP for free entry +1. Oh, I just noticed the "costume required for entry"--I don't know if that means in theme, or just any Halloween costume. Also, I'm calling bullshit.

Sesame Street Computer Clip from 1984

In 1984, an elementary school teacher asked her class to explain computers, and it was adorable:

[via Jezebel]

The best part is the end, when the teacher asks the kids what the difference is between them and computers. I half expected some monstrosity from the Singular future to burst through the door when they say, "computers don't have feelings," and "we do the thinking." LOOK AT WHAT YOU HAVE WROUGHT, CHILDREN.

Somebody got themselves a fancy new lighting budget

The music video for Slow Club's "Where I'm Waking," off of their new album, Paradise.

Paradise took a couple of spins for me to get into, but that might be because the old EPs and Yeah, So have been on pretty regular rotation since I saw them perform in Brighton. Now I'm a big fan of both albums. For those looking for something a little less sultry, here's an old one:

Did I mention Slow Club is playing two shows in New York this November? This is very exciting! They are almost never in the States. Both cheap and at small venues, too: 11/3 at the Mercury Lounge, 11/4 at the Rock Shop. Details and more on their website.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Power of Doodling

This TED talk by Sunni Brown makes me feel validated for my inability not to doodle. In third grade, I got a note back on my homework that read something like, "Good job, but try not to draw all over stuff you're going to hand in." Whoops.

[via Drawn]

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Because there are other people as crazy as Dan Harmon, watch all seven of last week's Community's alternate timelines simultaneously:

[via Splitsider]

I kind of went all The Dark Side of the Rainbow, looking for hidden patterns in this video. Regardless, this episode gives me hope for this season.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Haberdashery is such a good word

These events have exciting themes:

1) Patron XO Cafe Noir on 10.19, 9p-1a. Everything is happening this week, and this one sounds swanky. There will be free food, music, and Patron tequila. The music will be provided by "El Radio Fantastique House Band," and a DJ set by Body Language. Depending on how you look at it, this event is either mysterious or high-maintenance. You have to RSVP, and then print out the invitation and exchange it for up to 2 wristbands at the Joyride Coffee Truck (corner of Madison and 26th) starting at 8:45p that evening. The location is "secret" until you do so, but I imagine it's somewhere nearby. Seems like it'll be worth it though.

2) Digital DUMBO: The Haberdashery Sponsored by Bing, 10.27, 6:30-9:30p, at 55 Water Street. Believe it or not, this event is celebrating, "back when things were tailored, not just massed produced." What? There will be free drinks, appetizers, and "cool custom swag." Hats. I hope it's hats. RSVP at the Eventbrite page. 

Beautiful and Creepy Comics

Outfoxed by Dylan Meconis is a good one. The limited color palate lends itself well to a folkloric feel. You can read the whole thing here.

[via Drawn]

I love it when illustrators put thought into the way their work is going to be consumed on the web. Outfoxed does a good job of using page click-throughs to maintain a sequential feel, and Emily Carroll often makes one scroll down a long page length to build suspense. I think not knowing how many pages there are in an online comic keeps excitement high.

While I'm new to Dylan Meconis, I cannot recommend Emily Carroll enough. Gorgeous illustrations, and since Halloween is coming up, I recommend the chilling His Face All Red. All of her comics are great; when I read them I feel like I'm making sharp turns around corners, unsure of what's going to be on the other side of the wall. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

7 Minutes in Heaven

The newest "7 Minutes in Heave with Mike O'Brien" had me cracking up. Partially because Jack McBrayer and Mike O'Brien seem like bizarros of each other. So much giggling. Oh, and TLC shout out FTW.

You should also watch the Patricia Clarkson one. I think that it's only the second video O'Brien did, and he is so in over his head. I love that everyone is kind of buzzed in these videos. Either that or there's a severe lack of oxygen in that closet.

Balvenie Rare Craft Roadshow

Free Balvenie Scotch event at Sons of Essex (133 Essex St.) on 10.19, 7-9p. Good for a rest from CMJ. "The Balvenie Ambassadors will showcase the entire range of Balvenie expressions, each paired with specially crafted hors d'oeuvres." Oooh fancy--"pairings." RSVP to

CMJ and more

The goodness just keeps coming:

1) Co-Sign party at the Red Bull Space (40 Thompson St.) on 10.19, 8p-12a. Live music and DJs I haven't heard of, but a free open bar all night. RSVP to

2) Showcase at Stratosphere Sound (239 11th Avenue) on 10.21, 11a-9p. Bands, in set order: Caveman, Waters, Weekend, Gauntlet Hair, Widowspeak, 1,2,3, Memoryhouse, and Tall Ships. There might be free Brooklyn Brewery beer, too. RSVP to [via My Free Concert]

3) The College Buyers Lounge, also at the Red Bull Space, this time on 10.21, 7p-12a. Live music, and top shelf open bar all night. RSVP to

4) Post-CMJ, but oh my god: James Murphy & Pat Mahoney of LCD Soundsystem, plus DJ sets by the Juan Mclean (Nancy Whang) and Midnight Surfer. House of Vans (25 Franklin St., Brooklyn), 11.1, 8p-12a. Good chance of free alcohol, too. RSVP now.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Harvest Bowl

Unfortunately, not the Harvest Festival, but still good: free concert with Ted Leo, Yellow Ostrich, the Scoundrels, and a special guest. Wednesday 10.19, 6:30p at Brooklyn Bowl (61 Wythe Avenue). 
RSVP here

No Goat Left Behind

Just look at this event:

Guys, this is a completely free (no RSVP even!) goat roast dinner, including wine and Brooklyn Brewery beer. It almost sounds too good to be true. From the Betto via Brooklyn Brewey website:

From 9pm-Midnight on October 17th Betto will host a FREE “Goatoberfest” goat roast, with free bubbles from Skurnik wine and free beer from Brooklyn Brewery. It’s in support of Heritage Food USA’s “No Goat Left Behind” initiative which is a project intended to introduce goat as a viable meat product in the US while simultaneously aiding dairy farms that have little need for male goats, and as a result are being sold into the commodity market or killed at birth. They are working with 15 local family farmers to bring goat into homes and restaurants across the nation.

We will be presenting Whole Roasted Goat, served with Grilled Flatbread, and an assortment of Condiments and Pickles, along with some other light snacky stuff.
It's actually a pretty neat concept. It's funny though, when you think about if "No Child Left Behind" had been interpreted this way...
Betto Restaurant (138 N. 8th Street, Brooklyn), Monday 10.17, 9p-12a. 
So who wants to go for free dinner Monday night?

Oh man, I just remembered who Andrew Andrew is

They're two DJs/party kids who live as twins (and are not actually), and do everything identically, including dressing, eating, and working.

[via NYTimes]

You should read the Times article; it's pretty ridiculous. Well anyway, I guess that's why they're the headliners at Antenna Presents on 10.20, 9p-12a (410 W. 16th Street). It should be interesting in and of itself, but Louis XIV are also performing. Free good-old-fashioned oversexed-rock. Plus, an open bar of some sort. This sounds great. For free entry RSVP to

Cider Festival and Chocolate Weekend

This Friday-Sunday is the first ever Chocolate Weekend, which means chocolatiers throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn will be holding free tastings, discounts, and demonstrations. The website is currently down, but Gothamist has a little bit more information, and when the site's back up you can add all the free stuff to your schedule.

I love hard cider, so I am v. excited for this: Cider Week 10.16-10.23. A lot of the events are paid, but there are a bunch of free tastings highlighting different cideries (Eve's Cidery is a good one). Check out all of the events here. There's also a Cider Party on 10.24 at 92Y Tribeca, which is free with RSVP (, although it's unclear if only admission is free, or if the food and drink will be too. Gothamist also has a good list of bars and shops in the city who specialize or sell cider. I think I'm going to go eat an apple.

I'm going to take this as permission to nerd out completely

If I ever run into Adam Scott on the street:

"Adam Scott: Well, you know, it's weird, because when I think of someone that's famous, you know, I think about—people who are actually famous, their lives are a lot different than mine. Like, I get Parks and Rec fans and Party Down fans coming up and wanting to talk about the shows, which I'm more than happy to do because they're always super friendly, cool people. But people who are actually famous, who are walking around with TMZ following them and stuff, that's a whole different thing, so I would stop short of saying I'm famous and maybe say that I'm well-known among people that like funny, nerdy things."

From the new GQ interview.

H&M Opening Party

For the non-CMJ set, here's one for Wednesday, 10.19. Thrillist and H&M are throwing a grand re-opening party, 7-10p. There will be a DJ, free cocktails, small bites, and candy, along with 25% off any purchases. RSVP here. Close to Penn Station (435 7th Avenue), which is either a good thing or a bad thing, depending.

Forts and Concerts

A couple good ones coming up that require advance RSVPs:

1) Purevolume Smartlounge CMJ Showcase, 1p. This is going on both 10.19 and 10.20 at the Thompson Hotel (190 Allen St.), with two stages both days. Live acts include, but are not limited to, DOM and Small Black on Wednesday, and Dum Dum Girls, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and The Stepkids on Thursday. Keep in mind that even the DJ stage will host big names like Talib Kweli, Nancy Whang (LCD Soundsystem), Ayad Al Adhamy (Passion Pit), and Andy Rourke (The Smiths). Oh, and did I mention that there will be a 2-hour open bar both days with Absolut, Jameson, and Chivas, plus tons of giveaways? RSVP here (you don't actually need to have a smartphone). [via My Free Concert]

DOM- Living in America
Small Black- Photojournalist
Dum Dum Girls- Bedroom Eyes (love this song)
Unknown Mortal Orchestra- How Can U Luv Me?
The Stepkids- Shadows on Behalf

2) The Fader Fort 2-9p, both 10.20 and 10.21 at Drive-In Studios (443 W. 18th St). This sounds great: more bands will probably be added, but already the lineup includes Purity Ring and Metronomy. There will also be free Bushmills, Budweiser, Pepsi, and espressos (presumably not the street name for a rave drug) galore. Get on that RSVP.

Like I said not too long ago, I can't cover all of the CMJ goodness next week, but RSVP-ing to these extravaganzas is a good idea. Here's a post-CMJ one:

3) Local x Local free concert series at Brooklyn Bowl 11.2, this time it's Caveman. Great if you miss them over CMJ. Doors at 6p, show at 8p. RSVP here.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Free Cake/Sheepdogs Concert in an Hour

Just found out about this from My Free Concert:

Free Cake and The Sheepdogs concert at Irving Plaza, 7:30p (I'd recommend heading over there now). RSVP to Good luck!

Blik Wall Decals

Living Social is offering $40 credit to Blik for $20 today and tomorrow. They have a huge variety of stuff for your walls, and give you a heads up as to how difficult each installation is. Plenty are reusable, and all are safe to remove. They also have a line of Threadless decals.