Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cider Festival and Chocolate Weekend

This Friday-Sunday is the first ever Chocolate Weekend, which means chocolatiers throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn will be holding free tastings, discounts, and demonstrations. The website is currently down, but Gothamist has a little bit more information, and when the site's back up you can add all the free stuff to your schedule.

I love hard cider, so I am v. excited for this: Cider Week 10.16-10.23. A lot of the events are paid, but there are a bunch of free tastings highlighting different cideries (Eve's Cidery is a good one). Check out all of the events here. There's also a Cider Party on 10.24 at 92Y Tribeca, which is free with RSVP (, although it's unclear if only admission is free, or if the food and drink will be too. Gothamist also has a good list of bars and shops in the city who specialize or sell cider. I think I'm going to go eat an apple.

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