Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hate the Future

Have I really not posted anything from hatethefuture before?

                 The New Company Uniforms
                   - We have XL or XXL
                   - Loafers not provided

If you're looking for consistently funny satire in small bites, this is the tumblr for you. 
    Another recent one:

                 Top-Secret Sea Fortress
                     - What
                     - No you can’t have your bachelorette party here
                     - Okay okay fine
    Then you remember that all of these photos were found somewhere, in completely different contexts (I don't think Miles Klee just creates this crazy shit). One day, I got a crazed text from a friend who had seen a freaky prototype picture that had been posted on hatethefuture in a PowerPoint presentation in class.

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