Thursday, October 13, 2011

No Goat Left Behind

Just look at this event:

Guys, this is a completely free (no RSVP even!) goat roast dinner, including wine and Brooklyn Brewery beer. It almost sounds too good to be true. From the Betto via Brooklyn Brewey website:

From 9pm-Midnight on October 17th Betto will host a FREE “Goatoberfest” goat roast, with free bubbles from Skurnik wine and free beer from Brooklyn Brewery. It’s in support of Heritage Food USA’s “No Goat Left Behind” initiative which is a project intended to introduce goat as a viable meat product in the US while simultaneously aiding dairy farms that have little need for male goats, and as a result are being sold into the commodity market or killed at birth. They are working with 15 local family farmers to bring goat into homes and restaurants across the nation.

We will be presenting Whole Roasted Goat, served with Grilled Flatbread, and an assortment of Condiments and Pickles, along with some other light snacky stuff.
It's actually a pretty neat concept. It's funny though, when you think about if "No Child Left Behind" had been interpreted this way...
Betto Restaurant (138 N. 8th Street, Brooklyn), Monday 10.17, 9p-12a. 
So who wants to go for free dinner Monday night?

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