Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cognac, Yelp, and Music

Already anticipating post-Halloween blues (SHUT UP THAT'S A THING)? Do not fret:

1) Too cheap to buy St. Vincent tickets for 11.3? First of all, you're going to regret it. Second of all, fine, quit whining. Another John Varvatos Thursday Night Live event at 315 Bowery. This time the bands are Parlor Mob and Prospector. Also, free Moonshine, and probably Heineken. Doors at 8p, concert at 8:30p. RSVP to

2) Three Yelp House Parties at the Firehouse Space (246 Frost St., Brooklyn). 11.7 Mustachio Bashio!, 11.8 The Alterna-Office Party, 11.9 Ugly Sweater Soiree!, all 7-9p. These are going to be great: so much free food and drink, of a wide variety and from many sources. Well that was fast: the RSVP is currently closed for the 11.8 (of course, the most convenient one for me), and there are wait-lists for 11.7 and 11.9. I'd bet there's a high likelihood of getting off the wait-list as the event approaches, and since it takes two seconds, why not? All you need is a Yelp account, and you can add one guest to your RSVP. NB: If you RSVP for more than one, they take you off the list for all. I'm not sure if this applies to wait-lists too, but I wouldn't risk it.

3) Speaking of spots going quickly: Remy Martin Cognac tastings at 82 Mercer. Right now, the only spots available are Wednesday evening 11.9 (late-ish). Tasting events are the best. You can add up to three guests to your RSVP, so get on that.

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