Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bounce bounce bounce b-bounce

Want to invest in Pawnee's hottest club, the Snake Hole Lounge? Okay, not really, but I immediately thought of that when I got this e-mail from Thrillist:

"Ever dream of owning more at your favorite watering hole than just the high score on Nude Photohunt (female only)? Of course you haven't, but now you can anyways, thanks to The Elevens, a Prohibition-style speakeasy seeking to foster a sense of community similar to the era's "social groups" who "toiled in secret to indulge", and enlisting the help of pioneering mixology master Dale DeGroff, and Daniel Patterson, a double-Michelin-starred SF chef.

While not opening until Spring 2012, at this very moment anyone who ponies up $500 can become a "Seatholder", which, in exchange for helping wrap up the project (the option expires as soon as they're fully funded), entitles you to benefits including 25% off your bills for life, the exclusive ability to make a reservation, invitations to off-site private parties, and, most importantly, a "pride of place", because nothing's cooler than getting first dibs on a restaurant full of wild-ass lions!"

Okay, so the place seems like it will be classier (despite the obnoxious write-up), but still:


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