Monday, October 31, 2011

BriTANick Interview

Apparently, I'm turning into something of a BriTANick fangirl, but really they've just been popping up everywhere (and oh yeah, I love them). Splitsider's interview with Brian McElhaney and Nick Kocher touches on their experience filming the upcoming Joss Whedon Much Ado About Nothing film. 95% of the internet (and the audience of this blog, consisting mostly of my friends) freaked out because "Joss Whedon". I guess I'm in the minority for finding the movie news exciting because of BriTANick (and Garfunkel & Oates' Riki Lindhome). Please don't eat me, Internet.

Hey, you never know! So now they’re basically cutting it and then they’re gonna bring it to festivals next year?
Brian: I think so, that’s what he said...
Nick: Yeah that’s the plan right now, is for festivals.
Brian: Yeah and I remember Joss saying something like, “Yeah, we’ll try for festivals, I don’t know if festivals will want this kind of thing.” Which is sort of like, ”Yes they will, are you kidding me?” They accepted Eagles Are Turning People Into Horses, they’re definitely gonna take Joss Whedon’s Shakespeare film.

Ugh, EATPIH is so funny. And they're working on a full length movie: "a science fiction farce" called Infinity Prison

I went to the second monthly Mankerthon at UCB this past Friday, at which they premiered the new short feat. Joss Whedon, and did new stand up sets and some improv. Get in on November's show

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