Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Splitsider Birthday Party

I've cited Splitsider before; it's a relatively new site for comedy news created by the Awl network. Overall, it's a good website for comedy nerds/fangirls/boys. A couple weeks ago, I attended the site's "1st Birthday Party" at the Brooklyn Lyceum. The major draw for me was NY-based "two guys wasting their degrees", BriTANick [Brian and Nick]. 

After taking the wrong subway and overshooting our stop, my friend and I arrived just in time for their performance. Most of the people that evening did fairly traditional stand-up (of varying quality), but BriTANick did top-notch sketch, which I see so much less often than improv/stand-up. I've already forced a bunch of friends to sit through my descriptions of their sketches (is this as bad or worse than verbally explaining comics to someone?), so I won't do that here. A couple photos the Splitsider folks took:

Brooklyn Lyceum--unexpectedly great space, if a little hot


I wasn't floored by the other acts, but the $5 was worth it. I'd love to see an hour-long BriTANick show (if such a thing ever happens). Other acts included Joe Mande (who opened for the Comedy Central Presents John Mulaney taping at NYU recently), and Eugene Mirman. It's kind of a waste of space to be negative, but I am so over Eugene Mirman. He's ubiquitous in the New York comedy scene right now (why have I accidentally seen him three times?), and is a fairly big name, but I don't get it. His best (and improvised) joke that evening was: "This is what people in other cities think we do. Watch sketch comedy in an old warehouse in Brooklyn."

If you've stuck out this post without knowing who the fuck I'm talking about, you shall be rewarded with videos. And your comedy-life shall change:

So well done:

Just go watch the rest. And yes, the short film is worth it.

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