Friday, September 23, 2011

"Don't sex me to jail!"

Hooray! A new BriTANick video is up. I saw this last week at their first Mankerthon show at UCB, but gladly re-watched it. 

The Mankerthon was a great mix of individual stand-up, sketch, and interstitial golden oldies songs. The sketches were mostly new/live-only material, although some dialogue from "A Monologue for Three" was cleverly re-worked in a bit about mind-reading helmets. Also, Chris Lowell was sitting a couple seats down from my friend and me, and Nick's dad was directly in front of us (which made the "getting-caught-jerking-off" story that much more hilarious/uncomfortable). I believe this show will be a monthly occurrence, and it'll probably be a hot ticket, so plan your $5 comedy nights accordingly.

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