Saturday, September 10, 2011

Door to the past

I meant to post about this last week: if you missed it, the essay "If This Door Could Talk..." in the NY Times book review is a quick and interesting read. 

The Harry Ransom Center at UT Austin launched an online exhibition around an old door from a popular bookstore on Christopher Street in the Village circa 1920-1925. When the bookstore, Frank Shay's, closed, the manager removed the door, and the Center bought it in 1960. Some 200 customers' signatures on the door have been identified, including those of Sherwood Anderson and a couple of Zigfeld girls, along with the designer of the KitchenAid mixer and many others. 

There are still 50 or so (more) obscure names that have yet to be identified, and visitors are invited to examine the door up close and help out. 

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