Friday, September 23, 2011

Fangirl Friday

I am so glad Season 4 of Parks & Recreation finally started. Hitfix [via Splitsiderhas an interview (spoilers, duh) with showrunner Michael Schur about the thought process around the Leslie-Ben situation [sigh].
"He gave me an eclair, Ann!" 

[Somewhere someone is already writing slash fan-fic in which "giving an eclair" is an unspeakably dirty act]. 

As an aside, Community also premiered last night, replete with a musical opening number about how they're going to "be less weird than the first two years combined!"

Brought to my attention by my friend Marcy (blog plug) is Details magazine's "The Ultimate Oral History of Wet Hot American Summer." It's a lot of everyone calling each other "so funny" and Ken Marino having some strong opinions about his character's look. Also, they LIVED AT THE CAMP while filming. I would have loved meals in that mess hall.

KEN MARINO: The crew stayed in one bunk area for kids, and all of us [in the cast] stayed in the nurse's quarters—basically the room Janeane and Joe destroy looking for the phone.

PAUL RUDD: Janeane Garofalo's room had a bidet, which we all thought was super-weird and really funny, and we were always making bidet jokes throughout the shoot. We were watching Showalter do the old Catskills Alan Shemper character [at the talent show]. After the song "Day by Day," and he just went, "Day, Bidet," which is a funny joke in and of itself. But we'd all been joking about bidets and using "bidet" wherever we could. So that one had us all in hysterics, because it was working on many levels, one of which no one would ever get but us.


JANEANE GAROFALO: I never watch any of the other stuff I do, but I will watch that movie any time. It's like looking at photos of a wonderful time in your life. I was always assuming people would get the same kick out of it. Then I realized, "Oh, you can't expect people to understand how fun it was.


Details also has the "Complete Oral History of Party Down," so, you know, if you're still wasting time (9 whole pages!).

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