Monday, October 31, 2011

The Chris Gethard Show

Splitsider has an article about The Chris Gethard Show and its wonderfully weird community. Read the article for as sensible an explanation as you'll find anywhere, but really, you just have to watch.

You might recognize host Chris Gethard by sight, if not by name. The show had been a regular at UCB for quite a while (yeah, it's the one on which P. Diddy randomly appeared), but months ago switched over to Manhattan public access television, where it airs live Wednesday nights from 11p-12a. It also streams live on the website

The Show is unpredictable in its subject matter, characters, guests, and audience participation (which drives it). I almost called in when I was watching one night, but chickened out. It's kind of silly that I got nervous, since the essence of the show is its open-to-anyone community ("No Cool Kids"). And I mean anyone: when a musical guest had to cancel because of Hurricane Irene, they asked any musicians watching to come down to the studio to create a band. Comedy nerds and off-kilter kids, rejoice. 

I think part of what makes the show so entertaining is that there's really nothing to "get". It's just really weird, and really funny. And apparently Random Jean is gone?! This is awful news; I'll need to see how the new Randoms hold up. If you enjoy laughing with a bunch of your funny and kind of crazy friends in a basement, watch. And once you do, let me know which Wednesday you want to show up at the studio to be part of the live audience. Cause this is something I want to do. 

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