Thursday, October 27, 2011

My, what expensive taste you have!

In case you didn't get in on the Remy Martin event before it filled up, Tullamore Dew is holding a bunch of tasting parties soon. You can register for the event on 11.14, 11.15, or 11.16. All run 7-11p and are located at Center548 (548 W. 22nd St.). Not that I'm complaining about the bevy of recent scotch events, but I'm more of an Irish whiskey girl, so this is exciting.

Black Board Eats has 30% off Red Hook Lobster Pound posted. Before you scoff at only "30% off", keep in mind that once you've registered, the pass code is free. Black Board Eats tends to post more high-scale restaurants than other deal sites, and I don't believe Yip It covers them. So you should sign up (they don't come out with a deal every day, so your inbox won't be bombarded with junk). 

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