Monday, August 22, 2011

The Year of the Depends Adult Undergarment

NPR has posted a music video for the Decemberists' new single, 'Calamity Song', and I have not been this excited to watch a music video since the Spice Girls A to Z Girl Power Countdown.

Directed by Parks & Recreation showrunner Michael Schur, the video is inspired by the Eschaton scene in David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest.

A favorite (and laugh-out-loud hilarious) part of the novel, Eschaton is a game played by the kids at ETA, and simulates global domination via tennis balls and a very complex mathematical formula (Eschatology: the study of the end of the world). If this make no sense/you've never read Infinite Jest, you'll still get it from the video.

I wonder why they went for rain over snow?

Decemberists + Infinite Jest + Michael Schur = All good things

I still don't think any visualization of this scene will ever make me laugh as hard as reading it does. Although this photo from Infinite Summer is kinda perfect:

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