Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hark! An Interview

Oh, how I love Hark! A Vagrant, and author Kate Beaton. This is the webcomic that makes me feel stupid for not knowing enough history (Canadian or otherwise). Her animation style and voice consistently makes me laugh; she does facial expressions so well. Also, the Hairpin has put up a brief interview with Beaton. Go forth and read! And learn [wikipedia] some damn history, why don't you?

Some of my favorites, old and new (all images via Hark! A Vagrant):


'Nikola Tesla mad for science and the ladies mad for Nikola Tesla'


'Curies' [God how I wish this were on a t-shirt in whole rather than cut up in color]

'Trudeaus' [my Canandian friend Kate (not Beaton) explain this one to me! Yeah!]

'Poe and Verne'

'Rosalind Franklin'

'The Great Gatsby'

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