Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's not a cat appreciation society

So, normally, I won't post about events that have already happened, unless I've personally attended it/it's to say check this out next time, but this write-up in the Nonsense NYC newsletter just killed me: 

Cat Face is a party. We draw crap cat faces on each other, listen to dirty party music, and get stupid. Great music. Little to no cover charge. Everyone has stupid whiskers on their face. And we play an interactive slideshow of previous cat facers and famous photos and iconic images made into cat faces submitted by partygoers.

Club rules:

No dogs.
No acting like a cat.
No other cat paraphernalia apart from a cat face
It's not a cat appreciation society
It's about having a crap cat face but not really thinking you do.

Don't dress like a cat. You won't get in.

I want to know a) how a slideshow is interactive once it's already been made b) why this person seems to be mildly angry/dismissive about the event he/she is throwing.

I think my favorite part is: "Everyone has stupid whiskers on their face." I can imagine a petulant child walking into a costume party and yelling that.

Anyway, I will definitely be there if this ever happens again. But I won't dress like a cat. Cause I won't get in.

Lest you get nothing out of this post but a laugh, I recommend signing up for the Nonsense NYC newsletter. They'll send you a pretty bare bones e-mail once a week, with events/classes/volunteering. Some of it is less crazy than this, some more.

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