Saturday, August 20, 2011


The Green blog on has a cool post about a global study using motion-sensitive camera traps to estimate mammal populations. It's short and worth the read (and the comment board of the Science Times is a refreshingly thoughtful one). Some highlights from their slideshow:

Mountain Gorillas in the Bwindi forest in Uganda (Wildlife Conservation Society/Tropical Ecology Assessment and Monitoring Network)

Trivia: Mountain Gorillas are the most endangered subspecies of gorillas and are much "furrier" than the ones usually seen in zoos (Western Lowland Gorillas)
!: Mining for and conflict over minerals used in cell phones and other electronics encroach upon Gorilla habitats and increase pressure on vulnerable populations. Maybe don't get a new cell phone every 6 months? RECYCLE ELECTRONICS.

African Elephant in Tanzania (Trento Museum of Science/Tropical Ecology Assessment and Monitoring Network)

A cougar in Costa Rica (Organization for Tropical Studies/Tropical Ecology Assessment and Monitoring Network)

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