Friday, November 18, 2011

You've got a face for radio?

Comic book artist Harvey James has begun a series of before and after drawings for podcast hosts. Here's the first:

Even though my "before" image of Marc Maron was not anything like James', I love this project. I'm an avid podcast-listener, and with the exception of Ira Glass, Mo Rocca, and Paula Poundstone, who I knew before I started listening, my ideas are generally way off. 

As for Marc Maron, I initially pictured him as Jeff Bridges-esque, but that came from WTF's black-and-white iTunes art, so I don't think it truly counts as a "before seen".

I also recently watched all of Explosion Bus (DO IT), and subsequently realized that people who lend their voices to animation have even less chance of being pictured as they are IRL.

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